Spring is here and we’re getting a lot of questions and queries about renovations

There are 3 major spaces that clients talk to us about; kitchens, basements and bathrooms. All three zones in your home are important. But, according to recent stats, homeowners are loving updating their bathrooms even more than kitchens and there is a simple reason why.

Bathrooms can be an easier renovation than a larger kitchen or basement project. Usually, clients have more than one bathroom in their home, so being out of commission in your master bathroom, for example, doesn’t feel as overwhelming as being without a kitchen. Smaller projects, bathroom renovations are generally faster and with the space being smaller, usually mean less expensive than renovating larger areas in your home.

Follow these four top tips for stress-free bathroom renovations

1. Shower vs Bathtub

Short on floor space and have to decide between a standalone shower or a bathtub with a shower? Unless you are certain you’re going to take frequent baths, go for a large decadent custom-built shower instead. You’ll have more room and will have many more options for decadent nozzles and showerheads. If your shower is big enough, do yourself a favour and get two separate temperature knobs so you and your’s can dial in the perfect temperature. 

2. To double sink or not to double sink?

Do you and your partner regularly get ready at the sink at the same time? If not, consider a longer, modern sink with a single tap instead. It will be easier to clean up and you’ll gain valuable counter space.

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3. Focus on the details

Our goal is to reduce and even eliminate misunderstandings. We believe in taking the time time to work together and agree on all the details, like where you want the bathtub to go or what type of flooring you want. Do you want in-floor heating? Figure out the little details and get it approved in writing. It may seem small but even knowing where light switches and power sockets are going to go will make a huge difference down the road when you’re settled in and trying to enjoy your newly renovated bathroom.

If you’re really having trouble imagining how much room you have, and how much space you’ll use with the new bathroom parts you want, see if you can lay it out in the garage with painter’s tape. Get tub and shower measurements from the manufacturer’s websites, tape their dimensions on the ground and you’ll get a great feel for where things should go and if they’re taking up too much space.


4. Get expert advice

We love when our clients come with big ideas, images, sketches and pages torn from magazines. Through our years of experience, we can tell you the pros and cons of your ideas. For example, while wood flooring looks great in a photo, it’s not very practical in real life. We’ll also have great ideas on lighting placement, cabinets and more. And, if you’re working with an interior designer, we can’t wait to meet them.

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